The 5 Best Resources For FPL 2023-24

Fantasy Premier League is back and with the new season fast approaching, we’re here to share our 5 best resources for FPL 2023-24. 

These resources will help you prepare your fantasy team for the new season and act as your assistant manager through the upcoming campaign, before (hopefully) leading you to glory in your mini-league.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or in your debut season, these 5 resources are guaranteed to improve your rank.

1. LazyFPL Newsletter

LazyFPL is the ultimate resource for FPL managers that want all the key information sent directly to them, exactly when they need it. 

LazyFPL sends a free, 4-minute email exactly 24 hours ahead of every FPL gameweek, containing everything you need to know from injury news, team lineup leaks and all the other essential information.

In its first season, the newsletter quickly grew to 20,000 readers and it’s become a number 1 resource for both experienced and casual players alike.

It’s the only way to keep up-to-date with all the latest information, without the hassle and time commitment. It’s free and easy to sign-up, just head to and enter your email address. 

2. FPL Tips Website

With all the longstanding FPL blogs going behind a paywall, it’s very hard to find a source of in-depth Fantasy Premier League analysis that is both free, and actually good.

The FPL Tips website emerged as one of the best places for pre-season tips, with their Guide To FPL 2023-24 becoming a go-to source for everything you need to know about Fantasy Premier League 2023-24.

They also have very interesting research projects on the History of FPL, covering the origins of fantasy football all the way through to the development of Fantasy Premier League as we know it today.

If you like LazyFPL, but want more long-form, analysis-type content, look no further than 

3. FPL.Team

FPL.Team is one of the best (and free) FPL tools online. Simply enter your team ID and have a whole range of useful tools at your disposal. Use the Team Planner to make multiple drafts, whilst utilizing their “Assistant Manager” and “Director of Football” features to get additional tips on your FPL teams optimal moves. 

Track the moves of the Top 1% with their frequently refreshing team that inputs the most popular players from the best managers in the world. You can also take advantage of their predictions, allowing you to filter for xPts (expected FPL points) between a GW range of your choice. 

Perhaps one of the most popular features on FPL.Team is the ability to follow your team live during the gameweek, viewing your latest points, up to date with bonus points and auto subs. It also displays your old rank, new rank, change, etc. 

4. FantasyPL Reddit

If you’re looking for a place to discuss FPL with other managers then /r/FantasyPL on Reddit is just the place you’re looking for. The subreddit has over 650,000 FPL managers that regularly post, discuss and debate everything FPL.

The FantasyPL Reddit is another perfect way to stay up to date with all the breaking news, ranging from injuries to transfers, whilst getting instant opinions on the news from other FPL managers.

It also has a thread dedicated to “Rate My Team” and “General Advice” where you can post to get fast information from lots of experienced fantasy football managers.

5. Fbref

Fbref is the one-stop-shop for all your statistical needs. 

Instead of purchasing a subscription to access OPTA data, you can simply head to and access in-depth data on every player and club from every season.

The data includes everything from performance statistics to underlying statistics and everything in between. We personally recommend using it to search for the FPL player you’re interested in, and check on their npxG+xA per 90. 

This metric is the player’s expected goal involvements (goals + assists) but with penalty kicks removed. Comparing players npxG+xA per 90 is a great way to decide between two players you’re deliberating.