Peter Drury leaves Premier League Production set to join NBC

The world’s top football commentator is on his way to NBC Sports. The Daily Mail broke the news that Peter Drury will replace Arlo White as the chief analyst for NBC’s Premier League coverage. Following that, World Soccer Talk sources confirmed the report’s accuracy.

Arlo White worked for NBC Sports’ Premier League coverage from 2013/14 through 2021/22. During his nine years of commentary, he became a known voice for English soccer fans in the United States.

Drury will begin commentating on Premier League games for NBC Sports on August 6, 2022, when the new season begins. Drury had been announcing the biggest games on the world feed prior to this season, frequently alongside Jim Beglin.

Many of the talent contracts expired at the end of the season, so the time is excellent for NBC Sports to revamp their coverage. To be honest, despite their success, the coverage has become old. For example, after hearing the same talent for nine years in a row, it’s natural for the coverage to become repetitive.

The Premier League will be the first sport covered by NBC under its new TV arrangement, commencing in August 2022. NBCUniversal extended its rights with the Premier League for six more seasons in November 2021 for a $2.7 billion cost.

Replacing Arlo White with a stronger analyst only improves NBC’s Premier League coverage. Drury’s commentary style is more appropriate for the world’s game. He has more experience calling the world’s biggest soccer games. Furthermore, unlike Arlo White’s commentary, Peter Drury’s commentary does not focus on statistics and storylines.

The quantity of calls that Drury is known for is maybe the most significant distinction between him and White. While White was animated, he never came up with a noteworthy call in his nine years at NBC. Drury, on the other hand, is a better poet. Fans recognize him for a number of notable calls.

White, whose contract expired at the end of the 2021/22 season, is expected to return to MLS. Given his American commentary style, commentating on MLS games is a more natural fit for him (even if it is with an English accent).

In some ways, White’s life has gone full circle. White was the lead analyst for Seattle Sounders games before joining NBC Sports to commentate on Premier League games.

Later, when NBC Sports had the rights to the top-tier American league through 2014, White was hired to commentate on MLS games.

By the time the new Premier League deal with NBC Sports expires in 2028, the network will have covered the sport for fifteen years in a row.