Premier League continues to prove it is the best division in football

If you were to take a look at the overall league table of all of Europe’s biggest clubs, you would find that there is one thing: the Premier League continues to rule supreme!

As we all know, there has always been a suggestion that the English league is the best in the world, with it continuing to attract players and fans from all around the world, as well as individuals who are willing to invest in the game, too.

However, there have been some that have continued to suggest that there are other leagues that can be considered to be challenges for the tag of “best division in world football”.

Indeed, those that continue to enjoy the options that they can find at will know that they are able to enjoy the matches that take place alongside the experiences that they get when on the site, but those that find it hard to know what to watch might want to take note of the following table.

The guys at FBref decided to combine each of the five major European leagues – Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, and Ligue 1 – together and work out where each team would rank on a points per game metric to try and determine an overall league table.

And, as a result, it has gone a long way in suggesting that the Premier League is the strongest division in football!

Many would find it difficult to argue against the idea that Manchester City and Liverpool are the best sides in the game at the moment, but for those that needed evidence, the fact that they have a points-per-game of 2.45 and 2.41 respectively tally propels them to the top of the combined table.

Chelsea – who finished third – managed to come out on top regarding teams such as FC Barcelona, although Juventus managed to finish higher than Arsenal, whereas Newcastle United outdid Valencia and Tottenham topped Atletico Madrid.

Manchester United fans will want to look away, though, as they ranked in 36th which will only add to the frustrations felt around Old Trafford and further highlight the mammoth task that Erik ten Hag has in order to turn them around.

Norwich City, though, remain the whipping boys after another poor season in the Premier League, as they continue to act like a yo-yo in regard to bouncing up and down. It really would not be a surprise if we were to see them do the same and make an instant return after dominating the Championship, either.