Will the 100 points record ever be broken in the Premier League?

Manchester City in the 2017/18 season broke the points record previously set by Chelsea at 95 points. City went on to win the season by securing a staggering 100 points! Out of the 100 points, City won 50 points at home and 50 points on the road. Which meant, they also broke the record for most away points won in a season. After the season this Manchester City team was given the nickname of the centurions.

This was Pep’s first league win in the premier league only with his second season in charge. Pep completely destroyed the competition as the second-best that season was Manchester United with 81 points. A shocking gap of 19 points also is a record. Man City were truly the record breakers that season with most wins, most points, most away points, best goal difference, most consecutive wins, and most goals scored – all of this in one season!

So, at this point, the question must be asked: will the Centurions remain the only club to secure a three-figure tally, or will other clubs join them?

The truth is this record was nearly matched in the next season itself. Manchester City is an outstanding team. their only counter-part and kryptonite who can stop them are Klopp’s Liverpool. The following season, both these teams fought right till the end. Man City and Liverpool did not give each other an edge. The title winner was decided on matchday 38.

Man City finished with 98 points and Liverpool with 97. Almost nearly the record was broken.

The season after, Liverpool was out for vengeance, and they desperately wanted to hold the Premier League title in their hands. With 99 points, Liverpool went on to win the trophy. So, once again, we’re on the verge of breaking the record. Liverpool lost once and drew once in their last five games. These 5 points that they lost proved to be the difference between them breaking the record and not breaking it – so close!

Now it is also important to understand that Man City and Liverpool were both in the league of their own. They have dominated the premier league for a good part of the last 5 years and they continue to assert their dominance. During this time these two teams were so ahead of the competition that anomalies like these could have been possible. Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Chelsea were all going through a turbulent phase. Which also gave rise to clubs like Leicester, West Ham, Everton, and Wolves. So, in a mediocre phase for the league, Man City and Liverpool were a class apart and hence they could garner up points tally as high as that. Saying that we are taking nothing away from what these two teams have accomplished!

Consider the 2015/16 season, where Leicester did the unthinkable. They won the premier league with a points tally of 81 points. Or the last season (20/21) where Man City won it with 86 points. Now during these seasons, there was a competition in the league. Which stopped the teams from going so far away that they will secure 100 points.

Now whether we will see a repeat of 100 points or not only time will tell. Till then, the premier league returns next week and we can all dwell in that thought!

As for the record, maybe Newcastle will break it in 2026!