Online games of skill vs chance

When you enter an online casino, you are faced with countless options, which, luckily for us, can be categorised as games of skill and chance.

In this article, we will provide information on these two categories and, in doing so, we hope to help you make a more bold decision when in doubt about what to play.

After all, what are games of skill and chance?

A game of skill requires prior knowledge, such as poker. To play poker, you need to know, at the very least, the rules and hand values, and as much as there is randomness (as in the timing of deals and opening cards), without understanding it, it is impossible to play it.

Titles of chance are those in which randomness is entirely responsible for the outcome. For example, we can mention slots in which the player has only one function: press the button to make the reels spin.

The main games of skill

The famous poker and blackjack are the leading casino titles requiring skill that you can find on

As we said before, even they are not free of randomness, but their players must know the rules and strategies to maximise winning potential and minimise losses.

A significant advantage of online titles is that you can train using the demo version without spending any money. Then, when you feel more confident and ready for the real version, just bet and feel the thrill for real!

The main games of chance

When we think of titles of chance, we think of online slots, whose outcomes have no human interference.

But it’s not just slots that fall into this category. As much as we have strategic theories about roulette, it is also considered chance.

Cards like baccarat and craps are also of chance, and all have a free version on the online platform.

Which is the better type of casino title — skill or gambling?

As you might expect, the answer is: there is no better or worse between these two categories. Instead, your preference and level of experience are the parameters that will define the type of game you want to play.

We don’t always feel like thinking, and often we just want to access for fun. In cases like this, the most suitable is the titles of chance, which do not require much attention on your part, although it is desirable to know what you are doing — after all, we are talking about playing with real money.

On the other hand, skill ones require, in addition to knowledge, a lot of concentration and willingness. Over time, the more you play, the better player you tend to become, and in casino titles, that means the money in your pocket!

So enjoy the best of both worlds and play according to your energy level and time available!