Interesting football games today: the Conference league qualification

FIFA has officially unveiled a new tournament, qualifications for which have already begun. You can watch football games today, however, participating teams will seem little-known to many fans. There are also some great clubs to surprise you. More famous clubs will join the fight at the quarterfinals stage.

Among the favourites for getting into the group stage are:

  • Vorskla;
  • Elfsborg;
  • Rosenborg;
  • Basel;
  • Copenhagen;
  • Feyenoord and Steaua deserve special mention. It is these teams that are now considered strong enough and a head above others. However, based on the results of national championships, they only managed to get into the Conference League. The selection of participants is rather weak so far, but a full list of clubs will be decided soon.

The Conference league is not causing a stir. However, the same happened with the Europa League. Now this tournament is considered quite promising even for top clubs. The level of competition in football is high, and it is very interesting how FIFA will allocate time for three European competitions at once. This is of little interest to real fans, because the more football games are held today and in a month, the better. The same opinion is shared by bettors who don’t want to bet on the Iraqi championship and other similar tournaments. There aren’t enough matches for the pros, but things will get better soon.

EPL fixtures: very little left before the start of the top championship

The adored English Premier League is about to kick off the series of top-notch matches. Check out the upcoming EPL fixtures to see the first top game of the opening round — Tottenham will host Manchester City. The favourite is obvious, although Pep Guardiola, the head coach of the Citizens, shared about the financial problems of the team. A very unexpected turn of events, so it looks like the Citizens’ funds are not endless.

But be that as it may, the ManCity roster is strong, while Tottenham still lacks a good atmosphere within the team. Harry Kane and Dele Alli want to leave the club, and Gareth Bale has already returned to Real Madrid. There are no potential signings, and it is unlikely that top-tier footballers will be acquired in the near future.

Therefore, it’s worth checking the future fixtures of the EPL, because you can determine the potential chances for the title only by the complexity of the series of matches. They will be approximate, because last year Liverpool were the favourite but due to many injuries at the beginning of the season the team barely managed to get into the Champions League. Therefore, it’s worth waiting for the start of the Premier League, which will begin on August 13th with the match of the newcomer Brentford against Arsenal.