Genich: “Vitoria’s team has all the resources to not be defeated by Benfica tomorrow

Spartak can score at least one point.

FC Spartak Moscow, Konstantin Genich

Konstantin Genich spoke on the eve of the match between Spartak and Benfica in the Champions League. “People’s team” can successfully hold a home match for themselves. Ruy Vitoria’s team showed that they play well against stronger opponents.

“He can definitely not lose at home. It is a pity that the admission of fans is only three thousand, more serious support would only help Spartak.

Benfica have not played a single official match yet, and it may be a mystery for Spartak itself. Plus, the red and white played two quite different matches in the championship.

It is clear that Benfica cannot be compared with Krylia or Rubin, but it is nice that with a stronger opponent – Kazan – the red-and-whites played a better match. It seems to me that Vitoria’s team has all the resources so as not to concede tomorrow, – said Genich.

The match “Spartak” – “Benfica” will start tomorrow at 20:00 Moscow time.