Bauer: “I will not say that Russia lags far behind England in the organization of football”

The Ufa defender is impressed by the level of the RPL.

Former Stok player Moritz Bauer explained that the RPL is not much inferior to the Premier League in terms of the overall organization of football. The defender was not impressed by life in England either. The player would like to stay in Russia if he had a choice between the two countries.

“Probably, the level of organization in Russian football as a whole lags behind the British one. Ufa is a modest and very young club. He still has many things to improve. But I would not say that Russia is directly very far behind England in this regard.

England is not a country where I would like to live my whole life. I’d rather prefer Russia “, – Bauer summed up.

The defender played seven games in the RPL last season and made two assists.