Tuchel expects to sign new contract with Chelsea

He first met Roman Abramovich.

Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel is on the verge of signing a new contract. In the near future, he will discuss this with the owner of the team, Roman Abramovich. The German specialist intends to continue winning titles together with the “retirees”.

“I’m not 100 percent sure, but maybe I have to sign a new contract. Maybe my agent said something about this, but I don’t know. Let’s check it out first.

I spoke with the owner of the club right now on the field, it was the best moment for the first meeting. Or worse, because from now on things can only get worse! We’ll talk tomorrow, we’ll talk later.

I can assure him that I will remain hungry for wins, that I want to get the next title, and I feel absolutely happy to be part of a really ambitious club. This is in line with my beliefs and my passion for football. I want to achieve more victories, grow as a coach and bring the team to the right level on the very first day of the next season.

We are in touch [с Абрамовичем]but not personally. He knows what’s going on directly from me. But now it’s nice to meet him “, – said Tuchel.