Semin agrees that Zinchenko made a mistake before the Chelsea goal

Alexander did not play in the best way.

Yuri Semin spoke about the Champions League final in which Chelsea beat Manchester City. The London club won a joint victory. Citizens’ defender Oleksandr Zinchenko really made a mistake in the chance with a conceded goal.

“The game is of the highest level, a very powerful match. It’s a pity we didn’t get to see it live. There were two teams that know each other well, that’s why it was such a tense and difficult match in terms of tactics. We can say that luck was on the side of Chelsea yesterday.

Is Tuchel’s victory as a coach? First of all, this is a common victory: the players, the coach and the whole club. The match was completely equal – some were more fortunate, and some were less fortunate.

There is a mistake in the conceded goal on the part of Zinchenko, although he played well throughout the match. Sasha did not insure the left central defender in the best way at the time of the transfer to Havertz. And in such games, the slightest mistake plays a catastrophic role “, – said Semin.

Earlier, Dmitry Selyuk criticized Zinchenko for a mistake.