How much money Chelsea made after winning the Champions League has been revealed

The London club has replenished the treasury with a decent amount.

Chelsea beat Manchester City yesterday to win the Champions League trophy. In addition to gold medals, the London club will receive good money for winning the main European tournament.

For getting into the group round, the team received 13.14 million pounds. Each victory in the group stage is worth 2.32 million, and a draw is 770 thousand. For reaching the 1/8 finals, the club receives 8.16 million, for reaching the quarterfinals – 9 million, and for the semi-finals – 10.3 million. The final win earned Chelsea £ 16m.

As a result, the London club earned a little less than 70 million pounds in the Champions League.

The journalists add that Manchester City, which won silver medals in the tournament, earned not much less – 60 million pounds.