Guberniev – about the Champions League final: “There were no superstars. Without space, where is Stas “

The commentator spoke on an important match.

Dmitry Guberniev noted that the Champions League final was held without football superstars. Such players, according to the commentator, were not on the field. The expert analyzed the course of the meeting.

“Well, as promised, one goal and the winner is known. In modern football, it is often like this – one scored and that’s it! Especially in the finals. Bayern Munich also played 1: 0 with PSG. By the way, here’s another observation.

Unlike last year’s finals, there were no superstars right now. Those in the top 10 in the world. Neither Messi, nor Cristiano, Mbape, Neymar, Lewandowski, Salah, Van Dyck, Dziuba…. Well, maybe de Bruyne. The average level of Chelsea and MC players is the highest. But without space, where is Stas! “, – concluded Guberniev in the telegram channel.

Chelsea won the Champions League for the second time in history.