Bilyaletdinov: Manchester City turned out to be too predictable

The Citizens failed to beat Chelsea.

Diniyar Bilyaletdinov commented on the results of the Champions League final. According to him, Manchester City played predictable football. Bilyaletdinov was rooting for Chelsea, who entered the field as an underdog.

“In principle, I liked this final more than last year: good speeds, the quality of the game was good, the tactical actions were interesting. In terms of the game, the result is absolutely logical. Chelsea had a good plan for the match, Manchester City, unfortunately, turned out to be too predictable in my opinion.

Manchester City lacked one defender in defense, and one central forward in attack, because the whole match was practically played by the team without a tip. Frankly, I was rooting for Chelsea, the desire was such that the team that had been named as favorites would lose. I was rooting for Chelsea solely because they were not considered favorites, I was interested to see how they would build the game, they did it very well, ”- said Bilyaletdinov.

Maxim Kalinichenko believes that Josep Guardiola was too smart with the City squad.