Seluk: Chelsea are lucky that a player like Zinchenko played for City

A well-known agent harshly criticized the Ukrainian.

Dmitry Selyuk believes that Alexander Zinchenko became the main anti-hero in the meeting against Chelsea. The agent noted the key mistake of the Ukrainian. Selyuk suggested that Zinchenko’s competitor Mendy would be better off on the field.

“Zinchenko, where are your four trophies? With all due respect, but it would be better if Mendy played. Chelsea were lucky to have a player like Zinchenko playing for Manchester City. He still has to work and work.

It was a big mistake that Guardiola did not add to Mendy’s lineup, it ruined him. As a result, he brought a goal. Thank you, Zinchenko “, – Selyuk explained.

Oleksandr Zinchenko in the moment with a goal did not have time for Kai Havertz.