Guardiola: Hope we don’t shiver against Chelsea

He will try to instill confidence in the team.

Manchester City head coach Josep Guardiola is delighted that his team is on the verge of winning the Champions League trophy. He hopes that his players will not flinch in the final against Chelsea London.

“Titles are a consequence of many, many things. The most important thing is that I am always a spectator, not just a coach. When I sit on the bench, I want to see the team play the way I like it. A long time ago, people said: “You can’t play like that in this country.” We did it. This is our way, we decided to do it from the first day, and we succeeded.

We have won many Premier League titles in this short time and finally we have taken a new step in Europe. Hope we won’t tremble. We must be sure that we can perform well in the final “, – Guardiola told the UEFA press office.