Guardiola: “Football is not just a tactic”

Josep talked about his football principles.

Manchester City head coach Josep Guardiola believes that football is not limited to tactical formations. It is important to create a good atmosphere within the team, to understand the strengths of your players.

“A strong organization, a lot of investment, a lot of quality players, good fans, great staff. This is a team that is guided by the principles that make it possible to be successful. But you should always look at the players that you have, because if the players don’t adjust or adapt to the principles or how you want to play, the job gets harder.

Much has its origins in Barcelona. I have no big secrets. You need to try to understand the skills of your players, create a good atmosphere in the team, because football is not just a tactic, it is emotions and relationships between teammates and even with the staff. This is what will give life to the team for many years to come “, – Guardiola told the UEFA press office.