Chervichenko said which rivals “Spartak” will definitely not get through in the Champions League

The team may not be lucky with the lot.

Andrei Chervichenko talked about Spartak’s prospects in the Champions League qualification. According to him, the “people’s team” will definitely not pass Monaco and Benfica. In general, with any rival, Spartak will not be considered a favorite.

“I can say this: if Benfica or Monaco become Spartak’s rivals, then you can definitely forget about the Champions League. We’ve also been playing hard with the Austrians lately. Celtic are British blockheads, with them the red and white will be easier. It is quite possible that they will pass them. The main thing is not to get caught by Monaco and Benfica. “Spartak” can be the favorite in Europe only for its former merits. Judging by the current state of the team, regardless of the opponent, the red and white will not be the favorite, ” said Chervichenko.

Earlier it became known which opponents could get “Spartak” at the qualification stage in the Champions League.