Utkin: “An ingenious penalty shoot-out that has reached the point of absurdity”

Vasily followed the Europa League final.

Journalist and video blogger Vasily Utkin published a post dedicated to the last Europa League final. As you know, Villarreal beat Manchester United in a penalty shootout. United let down David De Gea.

“Brilliant penalty shootout. Reached to the point of absurdity. The goalkeeper hits the goalkeeper. Behind this is a plot equal to the ocean.

But I have always liked Jeronimo Rulli a lot. How, when it manifested itself – it is pointless to dig. I just liked it.

I really like that a talented guy has grown to the finest hour. Everything was decided by the moment in the penalty shootout, when he outright outplayed his opponent. He scored himself, then he beat it off himself. Pretty boy”, – Vasily wrote in his telegram channel.