Manchester United, result (score) 1: 1 (match review), 27 May 2021

Triumph for Emery’s team.

Villarreal won the Europa League. In the final, Submarine beat Manchester United Solskjaer by winning the crazy lottery.

On the 29th minute of the match, Villarreal managed to open an account on the scoreboard. Dani Parejo hung great from the set, Gerard Moreno turned out to be the most agile in someone else’s penalty area and sent the ball into David De Gea’s net.

Villarreal had a great first half, preventing United from realizing their attacking potential. Unai Emery’s players acted in a very disciplined and orderly manner, causing a lot of problems for the team at Old Trafford, which often did not look like itself. “United” frankly lacked creativity in creation, sometimes Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer had to break into a heart-rending cry.

In the second half, Manchester United managed to add and establish control over the ball. The raids of the British began to look much more dangerous. On the 55th minute of the match, Edinson Cavani equalized the score. The Uruguayan caught a ricochet and hit the target at close range. Clement Turpin had doubts about this goal, but the VAR system was on the side of United.

On the 70th minute Rashford had a good chance to score more, but didn’t realize a destructive moment, breaking through near the post.

Manchester United could not put the squeeze on the Spaniards in regulation time and the meeting smoothly spilled over into overtime. By the way, shortly before the final whistle, Villarreal had an unexpected chance to score, but Pau Torres shot into the stands from a good position.

Overtime, unfortunately, turned out to be extremely boring and tedious. We can only recall the episode with the ball hitting the hand of one of the Manchester United football players, but the referee did not dare to assign a penalty.

The penalty shootout kicked off with Gerard Moreno hitting De Gea confidently. Manchester United responded with an effective shot from a point from Juan Mata. Raba and Telles did not let their partners down either, Paco and Fernandes likewise did not flinch. The fourth penalty for the Spaniards was converted by Alberto Moreno, while Marcus Rashford made the score 4: 4. Parejo and Cavani successfully closed the main series, and the teams began to hit for the sixth time, and then for the seventh, eighth and ninth. It seemed that this lottery would last forever. Victor Lindelef scored 10:10 in the streak.

The British were let down by David De Gea. Ruli parried David’s bad shot from the point and brought the trophy to the team of Unai Emery. A real drama for the Red Devils and their Spanish goalkeeper. And the fans of Villarreal will be walking until the morning.

Villarreal – Manchester United 1: 1 (1: 0), on penalties 11:10

Goals: Moreno, 29 (1: 0); Cavani, 55 (1: 1).