Trigueros shares expectations for the Europa League final

The Villarreal footballer wants to win the trophy.

Spanish Villarreal player Manu Trigueros shared his expectations from tomorrow’s confrontation with English Manchester United. The opponents will fight in the Europa League final.

“The fateful day is ahead. The final chord of a tiresome but very interesting season. At stake is not only a trophy, but also a ticket to the Champions League. I can’t even imagine what emotions I will experience if we win.

There is no pressure. We want to start the game faster. Nothing will frighten us tomorrow. We are pros and have played many significant matches.

People around me worry much more than me. In particular, my loved ones. They are nervous, very worried about us. I promise that we will do our best to please the fans with a victory in the Europa League. If each of us shows the best football, we will be able to cause big problems for United.

You need a good organization, control the ball, attack with quality and listen to all the coach’s advice. You need cool heads, intelligence and discipline. We do not intend to get involved in an uncontrolled game “, – quoted by Trigueros by the press service of Villarreal.