Solskjaer shared his thoughts on the upcoming fight with Villarreal

Manchester United will try to win the Europa League.

Manchester United head coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer commented on the upcoming meeting with Villarreal. On May 26, the teams will play in the Europa League final.

“In the Europa League, you play against teams that you don’t usually face. Many talented players and strong clubs. You quickly realize that the difference between the top teams and the second tier is not that great. You can’t play half-heartedly here. For us, the road to the final was like a Champions League campaign. We beat representatives of Spain and Italy, and to win we had to show our best football every time.

About Villarreal coach Unai Emery, I can say that he is a born winner. I like him very much. We had a very nice conversation after the matches more than once. Regardless of the result, Emery always behaves very respectfully, is happy to talk about the game that has just ended. I think this is very important.

As for the final itself, it is one of the steps towards the return of United to their former glory. If you manage to win the trophy, it will be great. But I really enjoyed this campaign anyway. I am sure an evening in Gdansk will give me a lot of joy. But when it is over, I will analyze everything, then I will go home on summer vacation, and there I will have to switch to the next season. This is the life of a football coach ”, – said Solskjaer.