Klopp knows nothing about Liverpool’s transfer plans

Perhaps the club won’t buy anyone at all.

Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp talked about the team’s transfer plans for the coming summer. He does not know at all whether the team will be strengthened and whether it is necessary at all. Now the specialist is satisfied with the composition he has.

“Whatever we do or don’t do in the next transfer window, we definitely won’t use it as an excuse. When there was money, we spent it; when there was no money, we did not spend it. And now we are who we are. Yes, I am very pleased with my team, very, very happy for it. Can this squad improve? Yes, like every club in the world. Is it available? I dont know. It’s necessary? I dont know. Whatever happens, we will see it. Now I don’t know anything, to be honest. We have to make decisions, this is normal for the summer break, ”- Klopp told the club press office.