Kane analyzed how Pochettino’s workouts differ from Mourinho

Coaches take different approaches.

Harry Kane touched upon coaches in a big interview with Harry Neville. The scorer noted that the approach to work at Mourinho and Pochettino was seriously different. It turns out that Jose counted on the professionalism of the players and controlled them less on trifles.

“To be honest, there are very serious differences. Style of play, attitude, tactical training. There were a lot of workouts in the gym with Pochettino. Huge base. Jose didn’t do it at all. He believed that the players are professionals in this regard.

Jose expected us to be men on the field, we would have leaders. Here, I think, he did not succeed. We didn’t have the kind of leadership he was waiting for. The club was going through a difficult period due to the dismissal of Pochettino.

Personally, I had a great relationship with Jose. We hit it off from the first minutes. We had the same mentality. It’s a shame we didn’t win anything, but I’m glad I worked with two amazing managers. ” concluded Kane.

The footballer previously announced his desire to leave the club.