Lampard: “I am proud of my job at Chelsea

Frank has no regrets.

Former Chelsea coach Frank Lampard talked about his firing from the London club’s helmsman position. Lampard was dismissed in February. His place was taken by German specialist Thomas Tuchel.

“Losing your job is very difficult. If someone says otherwise, then he is lying. You work, you try to build something, and this opportunity is taken away from you.

I would not like to talk about age. If I came to Chelsea at 55 with a trophy collection, the approach would be the same. At Chelsea there is a certain level of expectation, if you don’t live up to them, you leave the club.

I am proud of my job at Chelsea. Of course, I wanted to stay at the club for a longer period and win trophies, however, I have no regrets. I have gained valuable experience. I laid a certain foundation for the future “, – Lampard said in an interview with the British press.