Aston Villa, result (score) 1: 2 (match review), May 19, 2021

Spurs lost in an important fight for themselves.

London Tottenham lost to Aston Villa in the English Premier League. Spurs opened the score on the scoreboard, but then conceded twice.

On the eighth minute the score was opened by Bergwijn. He scribbled the ball close to someone else’s penalty, and then fired powerfully under the crossbar.

On the 20th, Regilon made a curious own goal. Sergio tried to clear the ball after a pass from the left, but instead hit his own goal.

Ollie Watkins scored towards the end of the first half. “Tottenham” again naughty near their possessions, Ollie took possession of the ball after rebounding from Traore and shot right on target. As it turned out, Watkins had established the final balance of power.

Everton beat Wolverhampton minimally today, while Newcastle left Sheffield United out of business.

Tottenham – Aston Villa 1: 2 (1: 2)

Goals: Bergwein, 8 (1: 0); Regilon, 20 (1: 1, own goal); Watkins, 39 (1: 2).

Everton – Wolves 1: 0 (0: 0)

Goal: Richardson, 48 (1: 0).

Newcastle – Sheffield United 1: 0 (1: 0)

Goal: Willock, 45 + 4 (1: 0).