Marez commented on the victory over PSG and City’s entry into the Champions League final

Riyadh scored a double in the second leg.

Manchester City footballer Riyad Marez gave an interview after the Champions League return match against France’s PSG. Marez made a double. Recall that Riyad scored in the first match with the Parisians.

“We deserved to reach the final, we looked effective. We kept the pace in the first half, but if we gain momentum, we can score three or four goals. Then the opponents lost their nerves, they were shown a red card, and it became a little easier for us.

I don’t know if this is the best season for me, but when you are a footballer you want to score in big matches. In two games I managed to score three goals, which is good for the team. As I said, we were very solid, we deserved to reach the Champions League final ”, – said the Algerian.