Guardiola: “I am incredibly proud of our team”

Pep is happy to reach the Champions League final.

Manchester City head coach Josep Guardiola gave an interview after the return match against PSG. City defeated the Parisians again and made it to the Champions League final.

“This is for all of us, for our club. I’m incredibly proud. My thoughts are with the players who did not play today. They all deserved to play, they all contributed, and now it’s time to enjoy. We need to win the championship, and we have two or three weeks to prepare for the final.

They put a lot of players in the center, we fought a lot in the first half, it was hard to get out of their pressure. Then we made changes during the break. We returned the ball better in the second half.

Beating the team that beat Barcelona and Bayern Munich with a total score of 4: 1 is a very valuable achievement.

We fought together, earning a ticket to the Champions League final, and it’s great. Making it to the finale grants meaning to everything we’ve done in the past four or five years. These guys were consistent every day, which is great. ” said Pep.