Guardiola explains why the second match against PSG will be more difficult than the first

The Manchester City mentor still doesn’t feel like he is in the final.

Josep Guardiola shared his expectations of the game against PSG. Manchester City coach fears a second meeting. The most important thing is the psychological attitude.

“You play with the result of the first meeting. Thinking about the final, even though all you need to do is just win the current match. The return semi-finals have always been difficult. In the final, the mood is completely different.

I would like to learn from our past defeats, but this is always a mystery. The most pleasant thing about our work is unpredictability. Life always gives us one more opportunity, one more challenge ”, – summed up the coach.

Earlier it became known that Kilian Mbappe is at risk of missing the match. A video has appeared showing that he still experiences pain even when walking.