Manchester United fans explain their invasion of Old Trafford

The fans want a stake in the club.

In England, they continue to discuss a resonant event – the cancellation of the match between Manchester United and Liverpool. It’s all the fault of the owners’ fans. Fans of the “devils” are protesting against the American owners – the Glazer family.

“This is the culmination of sixteen years since the acquisition of the club by the Glazer family. The owners took a billion pounds from the team. We looked at decay and decay in the field and beyond.

Invasion on the pitch is not what we wanted, but the vast majority of Manchester United employees support the fans’ point of view.

The fans came on the day of the game, which you can’t even get into, for the sake of change. They wanted to hold a peaceful protest. We do not accept an “apology” from the Glazers for attempting to participate in the Super League. Demanding that fans be given a significant share of club ownership and significant voting rights.

It’s time for the government to act. Fans must have the right to buy back shares in their club. No private shareholder should own a controlling stake. It’s time to bring the game back to the people. ” said in a statement, quoted by journalist Rob Harris.