Klopp: “Our main rival is not just Manchester City

Top clubs in the Premier League are gaining momentum.

Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp talked about the championship prospects for next season. It’s not just Manchester City that gets stronger every year. In the Premier League, serious competition for the title is brewing.

“Our task is getting more difficult every season. Manchester City is unstoppable. We have been always close in the table for the last two years, once ahead of them. However, we are unlikely to be expected to fight on equal terms with City for the next 10 years.

Manchester United are improving every day. Chelsea have a great squad. Such footballers are a gift for Thomas Tuchel. It will be extremely difficult for us. You can’t talk about Man City all the time. Other teams are also vying for the title. Even the conditionally weaker Leicester, which is trained by an excellent specialist.

Tottenham and Arsenal shouldn’t be written off either. And look how good West Ham is. And how can we say that it will be easier for us? Again, our main rival is not only Manchester City – said Klopp.