Fernandes: “We didn’t expect Roma to be so aggressive”

The Romans presented a surprise to the Mancunians.

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes talked about the match against Roma in the Europa League semi-finals. Recall that the Mancunians defeated the Roman rival. Fernandes analyzed the game of his team in this fight.

“I think we started the first half well. We created several chances and scored a goal. Then we lost twice on counterattacks, but succeeded in keeping calm, and then did what we do best after the break – hold the ball and create opportunities for goals scored.

We tried to relieve stress and stay sober. We didn’t expect Roma to be so aggressive. In the second half, we managed to move the ball better and find free zones. Roma were really out of luck as they lost three players to injuries. At the end of the fight, I saw, for example, that Amadou Diawara was completely exhausted. He could not run at all, but he had no choice, since the team had no substitutions. We made the most of the situation and scored a few goals, albeit with a delay ”, – said Fernandes.