Navasa made a mistake in a game with Man City

Keylor made a gross mistake.

The goalkeeper of the French PSG Keylor Navas was hounded on social networks for a mistake in the last Champions League match with Manchester City. Keylor made a mistake in the moment with the first goal of the Citizens.

Let us remind you that the first goal of City was scored by Kevin De Bruyne. He hung into someone else’s penalty area and, unexpectedly for himself, scored. Navas waited until the last for someone to substitute his head or leg, and got terribly goofy.

The fans are making fun of the Costa Rican, calling him a clown, a “hole”, a laughing stock and a goalkeeper from the amateur league.

We add that Navas is guilty in the second goal as well – he was unable to properly set the “wall” during the free kick, which was scored by Riyad Marez.