Manchester City, result (score) 1: 2 (match review), 28 April 2021

“Citizens” have issued a strong-willed victory.

English Manchester City triumphs in Paris. The Citizens beat PSG Mauricio Pochettino in the first semi-final of the UEFA Champions League. City hit the Keilor Navas goal twice.

The score was opened by Marquinhos. PSG Brazilian defender scored 15 minutes into the confrontation. Di Maria hung from the corner he earned, and Marquinhos, having clearly chosen a position, sent the ball into the far corner of the guests’ goal in an arc with the back of his head. Note that shortly before that, Neymar was in the spotlight – he beat two defenders and shot sharply under the crossbar, but Ederson saved Guardiola’s team.

City had two good chances in the first half, however, Navas did not allow the townspeople to restore the balance even before the break.

On the 64th minute of the match, Kevin De Bruyne scored. The Belgian got the ball from Zinchenko on the left flank after a corner kick and hung. Marez made a deceptive move, at the last moment, without becoming to touch the ball, this knocked Navas, and the goalkeeper did not have time to the ball, which spun under the far post.

And on the 71st, Marez scored 2: 1 in favor of City. Geye knocked Foden down on the outskirts of PSG’s penalty area, Marez asked De Bruyne to give him the opportunity to shoot from the set and did not lose – the Algerian struck a gorgeous blow that Navas could not cope with.

Soon the Parisians were left with ten men. Geye committed a dirty foul on Ilkay Gundogan, nearly breaking the German, and received a well-deserved red card.

PSG could not recoup in the numerical minority. Moreover, City continued to put pressure on the hosts’ defense and came close to scoring a third.

Man City have made an excellent bid for the Champions League final. Let’s see what will happen in the return leg.

PSG – Manchester City 1: 2 (1: 0)

Goals: Marquinhos, 15 (1: 0); De Brayne, 64 (1: 1); Marez, 71 (1: 2).
Deleting: Gaye, 77.