Duff criticized Azar | Football 24

Damien on the Real Madrid winger.

Former Chelsea and Ireland footballer Damien Duff has criticized Real Madrid winger Eden Hazar.

“Azar has never been a top professional. This is not even close to Messi or Ronaldo, Eden does not have that drive and attitude. He could be at the level of these players, but, apparently, he did not really strive.

Real Madrid paid a lot of money for him, and he showed up for the first pre-season bout with overweight, was fat, call it what you want.

Azar already had 11 injuries. I’m not sure if it will return to its former level after all this. You need to be exactly the top pro, but Eden does not correspond to such standards.

When you are signed by Real Madrid, you must come up to the first leg in the best shape, in exemplary shape. And he appeared overweight. I cannot understand such an attitude ”, – said Duff to RTE.