De Bruyne commented on the victory over PSG

Kevin scored one of the goals.

Midfielder of English Manchester City Kevin De Bruyne gave an interview after the Champions League match with the French PSG. City beat the Parisians 2: 1.

“We started well, but PSG are an incredible team with great quality of play. It was a shame to miss. After that, they had only a couple of small chances. After some time, we added, rebuilt, and the overall picture changed.

The second half was much, much better. We put pressure on them. The first goal was scored not without luck, but we deserve such a result.

What was said during the break? “Just play a little more with the ball.” In the first half, we were too hasty, chaotic, trying to move forward too quickly. In the second half, we tried to find space by acting more patiently. PSG is difficult to play with. The progress we have made as a team has been good.

Before breaking through the free kick, Marez asked me if he could take responsibility. I answered “Yes, if you believe in yourself.” And he scored. Who am I to forbid?

There is one more game ahead, and we must concentrate on it ”, – said the Belgian for BT Sport.