Carragher: “Pulisic will never reach the level of Eden Azar”

The expert outlined the sad prospects for Chelsea.

Jamie Carragher has not changed his mind about Christian Pulisic after his excellent performance against Real Madrid. The American scored a beautiful ball into the opponent’s goal. According to Carragher, one should not expect Pulisic to become a significant player in the history of the Premier League.

“I am a big fan of Pulisic, but I do not think that he is destined to reach the level of Azar. Sorry but no. Hazard has been the best footballer in the Premier League for four years. Belgium finished third in the world championship. He was also the best there. This is Azar’s level.

I do not want to criticize Pulisic. We just forget how good Eden was. ” Carragher told CBS Sports.

Hazard came on as a substitute in the Champions League semifinals. The Belgian is just gaining shape after another injury.