Fernandinho confesses that he cheated the leaders of Manchester City on January 1

The hidden breakthrough factor of the “townspeople”.

Manchester City are invulnerable in the Premier League in 2021. The team also successfully competes in the Champions League and will play in the League Cup final. Fernandinho revealed that he kicked the players on January 1st. Guardiola has previously confirmed such a scene.

“I just had no choice. December 31, the eve of the holiday, and we are the eighth in the Premier League. We just finished training. Pep was not happy with the attitude.

The attitude of the players that day was obvious. It seemed to me that it was not us at all on the field. After training, Guardiola was straightforward with me. Said that not all were thoughts on the field.

In this team, when you come to training, you work 100%. There is no other way. He was right.

I went home after the conversation, but I could not get this scene out of my head. On January 1st at 7 am I asked the manager to make an appointment with the players.

We brought everyone together. I spoke openly – like a captain. I said that some things cannot be done. All workouts are displayed in the game. It was a frank, honest conversation.

Then there was the match with Chelsea. I was already ready to go to extreme measures, but we won. Since then we have had a perfect series ”, – told Fernandinho.