Guardiola smashed UEFA for new Champions League format

The coach wants to improve quality, and the organization advocates quantity.

Manchester City head coach Josep Guardiola made it clear that he is not at all happy with the idea of ​​UEFA on the new tournament regulations. The specialist highlights the wrong changes. We need to work to make the competition more spectacular. UEFA thinks in a different direction.

“We give our opinion to UEFA and then they do what they decide. It’s the same every time. We already look like theater actors who have three performances a day.

10 more matches per season. It’s okay, the show goes on. I suggest simply increasing the year from 365 days to 400. There will be time for a new format.

There will be more injuries. UEFA knows this, but they don’t care. This season, players will receive six days off. Then they will go to the national teams, then the preseason games. Special people at UEFA cannot help athletes recover. They have a different job “, – summed up Guardiola.

The new Champions League format will take effect from 2024.