Musaev said he was amazed in the Champions League

This is a tournament of a completely different level.

Former Krasnodar coach Murad Musaev spoke about the bulls’ performances in the Champions League. The Russian specialist is offended for the goalless draw with PAOK. According to him, Krasnodar could more confidently play the match against Chelsea. Musaev was impressed by the level of football players in the Champions League.

Krasnodar went to the opening for a very long time, but could not play in the optimal lineup, in which we played in the first game against PAOK. It still upsets me very much.

It was possible to play against Chelsea – Safonov conceded a goal, which he never concedes, it happens. After that, Krasnodar gave a good piece, Gazinsky hit the crossbar, Berg had a chance.

At that moment, it seemed to me that a picture froze: our home stadium, Lampard is standing next to it on the edge, Werner and Havertz are on the field. It was a real holiday – despite the fact that because of the covid, we did not gather full stands.

Of course, I was impressed by the level of the players – first of all, at the moment of switching from defense to attack and vice versa. I was struck by the ability to give results – Sevilla had problems in both games with us, but they won both. Chelsea played not a very good match in Krasnodar, but won 4: 0, squeezing out the maximum, including at the expense of the bench “, – said Musaev.

Musaev also explained the failure of Krasnodar in the spring fights.