Manchester United beat Granada, Arsenal could not cope with Slavia at home

The Devils cold-bloodedly gained an advantage in Spain.

English clubs played successfully in the first matches of the Europa League. Arsenal were not that far from losing at home against Slavia. The Czechs played a very strong match. In fact, an absolutely equal game came out.

The teams exchanged dangerous attacks. For all statistical indicators, approximate equality. It is interesting that in the end the moments literally rained down. Aubameyang forgave Slavia by sending the ball near the post. Among the Czechs, Shevchik made a memorable mistake.

Mikel Arteta was helped by replacements. The coach refreshed the game in the end. Pepe in the end seemed to bring a major win for Arsenal. Aubameyang assisted him. Gabonese also came on as a substitute.

The Czechs showed character. Seconds before the final whistle, Golesh evened the score and turned the balance of power in this confrontation.

Manchester United played with a large margin. The Devils won an away victory over Granada. Everything was decided by a simple attack in the first half. The Spaniards got excited with a high defense. Lindelof threw the ball at Rashford. Markus cleverly handled the ball and beat the goalkeeper. In the end, the British were able to earn a penalty. Fernandes was hit in the face, and then converted a penalty. The fate of the confrontation is practically decided.

Arsenal – Slavia 1: 1 (0: 0)

Goal: Pepe, 86 (1: 0); Golesh, 90 + 3 (1: 1).

Granada – Manchester United 0: 2 (0: 1)

Goal: Rashford, 31 (0: 1); Fernandes, 90 (0: 2, pen.).