Fonseca: “I am disappointed with the lies about Roma

The Portuguese responded to skeptics after an important victory.

Roma unexpectedly defeated Ajax away – 2: 1 in the first match of the Europa League quarterfinals. During the week, the Italian press wrote about the colossal conflicts in the Roman collective. Fonseca condemned journalists for provocations.

“I have to do my job and I cannot control criticism. It disappoints me that there is a lie. There was a lot of it.

I’m not Italian, but I don’t understand why Roma should be surrounded by all these incredible lies. We are the only team from a country playing in Europe. We all have to somehow cheer up Roma.

There was total chaos this week. Someone wrote that the players opposed me, but everything is a lie. I’m just in control of my work. I can do this, ”- concluded Fonseca.