PSG, result (score) 2: 3 (match review), April 7, 2021

One of the best games this season.

French PSG triumphs in Munich. Mauricio Pochettino’s side beat Hansi Flick’s Bayern Munich in the first quarter-finals of the Champions League. The rivals scored five goals for two.

In the second minute of the meeting, Shupo-Moting struck his head and hit the crossbar, and in the third, Kylian Mbappé struck the possession of Manuel Neuer. Kilian successfully shot from within the penalty area, and Neuer did not play in the best way, allowing the Frenchman to open the score on the scoreboard.

At the 28th PSG increased their advantage. Marquinhos got the ball in the penalty area after Neymar’s cool throw and shot Neuer, taking advantage of the failure in the hosts’ defense. Soon Marquinhos left the field after being injured.

Towards the end of the first half, Shupo-Moting revived the intrigue. Eric responded to Pavar’s flank pass and hammered the ball into Navas’ goal with his head.

In general, Bayern had a tangible advantage in the first half, constantly exerting systematic pressure on the Parisians’ possessions, but the Munich lacked the finishing blow. The absence of Lewandowski and Gnabry was felt strongly.

In the second half, Flick’s team equalized the score. On 60 minutes, Kimmich hung from a free kick to Muller, who, with a slight nod of his head, turned the ball into the far corner of the Keilor Navas goal.

The joy of Bayern and their fans was short-lived. At the 68th minute of the meeting Mbappé scored a double. The Parisians fled to counterattack, Mbappe entered the penalty area and shot sharply into the near corner, deceiving both the defender and the goalkeeper.

The Bavarians continued to seek their fortune in the attack, created a number of chances, but they were let down by the implementation. Sometimes the ball just miraculously didn’t end up in the PSG goal net, Navas made a couple of good saves.

The Parisians made a good start before the return leg, however, in this pair, nothing has been decided yet. We are waiting for another hurricane match, in which Flick’s team will try to realize all their crazy attacking potential.

Bayern – PSG 2: 3 (1: 2)

GoalsStk #: Mbappe, 3 (0: 1); Marquinhos, 28 (0: 2); Shupo-Moting, 37 (1: 2); Mueller, 60 (2: 2); Mbappe, 68 (2: 3).