Petit smashed Arsenal leaders for lack of will on the field

The world champion calls for the sale of half of the team.

Former Arsenal player Emmanuel Petit does not understand how so many weak-willed players were recruited into the club. According to the veteran, only young players are motivated. The rest came to the resort to finish their careers. This is Petya’s point of view.

“I still think Arsenal have very good players. Are there many of them? I think no. They have a lot of young quality footballers, but they are still learning.

I think they can make progress in a few years, but an example is needed. In a club of the level of Arsenal, a situation cannot arise in which only young people show excitement, struggle and aggression.

This should come from experienced players, leaders. When I look at them, it seems to me that they imagine themselves at the resort in the club where they came to play out.

If I were Arteta, then my main concern would be to remove half of it ”, – concluded Petit for Ladbrokes.