Cherdantsev admired Kroos’ pass | Football 24

The well-known commentator called on everyone to admire the skills of the German.

Georgy Cherdantsev was impressed by Kroos’ throw at Vinicius in the match against Liverpool. The expert believes that these are the moments that young people should be inspired by. It is much more difficult and more interesting than various challenges.

“I watched the match cuts in YouTube, in most of the highlights the pass is cut off for a more dynamic editing. How so? After all, such programs are the beauty of football! Vinicius’ goal without a pass is like sugar-free jam.

Now all sorts of football tricks are popular on the Internet: hitting a ball into a trash can, which is at a decent distance, or into a car tire hanging from a tree.

But try this challenge: horseback pass 50 meters exactly at a person running at high speed.

And not in some vacant lot, but in the quarter finals of the Champions League.

This is exceptional performance skills “, – wrote Cherdantsev in the telegram channel.

Earlier, Vinicius spoke about the role of Kroos.