VBA, result (score) 2: 5 (match review), April 3, 2021

“Thrushes” surrounded Tuhel’s team.

London Chelsea lost to West Brom. This match took place in the English Premier League. “West Brom” hit the gate of Londoners five times.

On the 27th minute of the game, Pulisic scored. Marcos Alonso hit the post after a free-kick, and Christian arrived in time to finish.

In just two minutes, Chelsea were outnumbered. Thiago Silva received his second yellow card from a foul near his own penalty area.

At the very end of the first half, the VBA player Pereira got hold of a double. First, he converted a 1-on-1 exit after a long pass from the guest keeper Johnston, and then successfully shot into the left corner of Mendy from outside the penalty area.

In the second half, the WBA continued to score against the bloodless grandee. On 63 minutes, Robinson fired great on the touch after a pass from Furlong from the right flank, and a little later Dyane brought the matter to a big one after a timely pass from active Pereira.

Mount’s goal, assisted by Timo Werner, did not radically affect anything. Moreover, in stoppage time, Robinson scored fifth. Chelsea were left empty-handed.

Chelsea – WBA 2: 5 (1: 2)

Goals: Pulisic, 27 (1: 0); Pereira, 45 + 2 (1: 1); Pereira, 45 + 4 (1: 2); Robinson, 63 (1: 3); Dyane, 68 (1: 4); Mount, 71 (2: 4); Robinson, 90 + 2 (2: 5).
Deleting: Silva, 29.