Klopp: “We are not used to scoring fast this season”

The head coach of Liverpool summed up the defeat of Arsenal.

The German specialist complained about the lack of a quick goal in an important match, but otherwise praised his players. The German focused on the excellent game of Alexander-Arnold. He also singled out the replacement Zhota, which turned the match upside down.

“This season we are used to scoring fast. This is our year. Obviously we have released Zhota who is in great shape. He helped us. Diogo played a lot for the Portuguese national team, so he didn’t start in the starting lineup today.

We scored great goals. Trent showed his class again. I don’t want to discuss the England coach’s decision and the like. I said earlier that this is Southgate’s solution. He’s lucky to have a choice, but Alexander-Arnold is in good shape. I am not responsible for Southgate’s decisions.

Now we are not looking at Chelsea, West Ham or anyone else. You just need to win your matches. And in our situation, others still have to lose points. We no longer meet with Leicester, Chelsea and others. We must keep working. This is what we are doing.

It was a good performance today. We defended well both on the other side and deeply “, – summed up the coach.