Manchester City, result (score) 0: 2, (match review) 03 April 2021

Team Guardiola is flying towards the championship title.

In one of the central matches of the 30th round of the Premier League, Leicester could not impose a fight on Manchester City. The favorite took three points with confidence.

Leicester sat in defense, practically did not threaten the opponent’s goal. Opened the game goal Mendy. In a prolonged attack, City had such an advantage that the full-back, already in the penalty area, dealt with his opponents and sent the ball into the far corner with a dodge shot.

Leicester have opened up, and in this case City have De Bruyne. The Belgian cut through the defense with a transfer to Jesus. He, along with Sterling, dealt with the defense and the goalkeeper.

Manchester City is gaining 74 points, leaving no chance for competitors. Leicester is still on the third line.

Leicester – Manchester City 0: 2 (0: 0)

Goals: Mendi, 58 (0: 1); Jesus, 74 (0: 2).