Norwegian veterans smashed Erling Holland for playing in the national team

Riise and Hulsker are outraged by Erling’s performance.

Erling Holland arrived at the location of the Norwegian national team with the status of a European star. The country expected the team to finally get the opportunity to qualify for a major tournament. The start was shocking. Holland did not score against Gibraltar, and the whole team failed against Turkey (0: 3). Former Liverpool player Yon-Arne Riise has no mercy on the rising star.

“He was given so much praise for playing in Dortmund, and where is his talent here in our team?” Riise is indignant.

Another Norwegian veteran Bernt Hulsker focuses on Holland’s personal failure.

“He does not play here with the same confidence that he is for the club. When he loses the ball in Dortmund, he immediately gets angry, one might say slaps himself. Here he quickly gives up. I’m not saying that he doesn’t give a damn about everything in the national team, but so far such an impression ”, – concluded the veteran.

Norway will play away against Montenegro on Tuesday.