Marchisio talks about Juventus’ persistent failures in the Champions League

Turintsy have not won this tournament since the mid-90s.

Former Juventus, Zenit and Italy midfielder Claudio Marchisio talked about the Old Lady’s persistent failures in the Champions League. As you know, earlier Juve lost to Porto on aggregate and again flew out of the Champions League at the 1/8 finals.

“I don’t understand why Juve are so unlucky in the Champions League. The team consistently wins Serie A, but cannot do anything in the Champions League. I have no answer.

According to statistics, the top teams that win their championships will sooner or later succeed in the Champions League. Maybe it’s the intensity, I don’t know.

Serie A failures? You need to look everywhere for the positive. There are a lot of cool young guys on the team, like McKenny and Chiesa. This is a transitional season, you need to be understanding. Yes, it’s strange after such an impressive streak and nine championships, but it was read from the very beginning ”, – said Marchisio.