Smertin once again told how Terry ate boogers

Favorite story of a famous veteran.

Alexey Smertin shared his memories of the English stage of his career. The Russian played for Chelsea during the days of John Terry. The footballer said that the Englishman was distinguished by very strange actions.

“Terry is my role model. There is a story about him. He sat next to me in the dressing room. The Eastern Europeans were in oil after the massage, the other guys were listening to music, and Terry was sitting and picking his nose, trying boogers. He changed his clothes just before entering the field. This is a metaphor for transformation.

He put on a uniform, turned around and became a different person. A person who, after 10 minutes, makes a tackle with his head to prevent the opponent from passing. And after the match, he switched back. I then looked for this switch for a long time. Even Lobanovsky spoke about such things that you need to be included in the decisive moments “, – Smertin said.

Smertin made 16 appearances at Chelsea in three years. The footballer was rented out twice, since he was not included in the squad.